Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the technology behind Agentpro AI?

Agentpro AI leverages the power of chatGPT – the most advanced large language model (LLM) on the planet. We have connected harnessed chatGPT’s advanced AI model and customized how you interact with it through easy-to-use templates.

What value do I get by joining Agentpro AI instead of other chatGPT-based AI tools?

Our focus on the real estate industry gives us a competitive advantage because we are able to fine-tune the AI engine to topics related to one industry and make it specialized to the real estate industry. We have plans to fine-tune the AI even further with features that meet the needs of real estate professionals.

What happens if I hit my word limit?

You could either 1. upgrade to a new plan with more words OR 2. wait until the end of the billing cycle to get more word credits.

Is the AI generated content original?

Yes. The responses and content generated by the AI engine is original and unique. Each template also comes with different ways to adjust the output (for example, professional vs casual tone). This further introduces more variability in the output generated.

What are “AI Templates” and how do they differ from the chatbot?

Templates are premade forms that make it convenient to structure a prompt to the AI engine for best results. We have developed templates mostly by content type and have customized each for the content type. Templates also provide a convenient workspace for viewing multiple results and storing and exporting the results in a few clicks.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! See our Afilliate Program page.